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Friday, July 4, 2008

I Have Smart , Cool Friends

I really do have smart and cool friends. One of them is Leslie Yerkes. She is the President of Catalyst Consulting . Leslie and I have been friends and colleagues delivering Appreciative Inquiry and World Cafe events around the country for quite some time (She talks - I draw!).

She is also an accomplished speaker and author

Her latest book is Beyond Kicks and Carrots: Motivation in the Twenty-First Century. This is a two sitting book (I am a slow reader) and it is a GREAT READ on the subject of motivation! The information is presented in an easy visual format which one can use as a quick reference when finished. Short paragraphs and lots of bullets make it easy to find the pearls of wisdom within. Quotes are always great anchors for learning, her use of quotes is pertinent and many are different from the old saws repeated over and over again in other books, articles and papers. The chronology of topics build to a useful and actionable set of tools for motivation. All in all Beyond Kicks and Carrots is a book I would highly recommend to organizations - great for developing cohesion among and between teams, as well as individuals looking to self improve. Leslie Yerkes latest offering is big information in a well summarized and brief book.

To see more of her books check out Mark's Leslie Yerkes' List on Amazon

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