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Friday, January 14, 2011

It is done!

Time is up on the Sketchbook Project and it has to be postmarked tomorrow in order to get into the the Brooklyn Library tour and archives. Even though I didn't complete the book, I did about 21 images. Considering I was not going to do it at all, I consider that a pretty good effort. It was fun and having a deadline was great. So here they are:

The Cover

The Title Page and quote by Walker Percy

Page 2 Middle Escence - The second adolescence!

Page 3 - One of my favorite quotes from Solzhenytsin

Page 4 - A new found hobby...the zendoodle!

Page 5 - My house having burned to the ground...

Page 6 - Journal break

Page 7 - This one was a favorite. The image worked well and the quotes are excellent.

Page 8 - Nice quote from Dan Eldon.

Page 9 - Empty Your Anger Closet...I like how this came together.

Page 10 - Metaphors

Page 11 - I always like this photo of an elderly couple and then comparing it to the romantic love we associate with marriage.

Page 12 - We always talk about the inner child what about the adult?

Page 13 - Whether it the Gods or ourselves, we can't seem to avoid the drama.

Page 14 - A mindless piece of practice.

Page 15 - Herman Melville quote on failure.

Page 16 - Just images.

Page 17 - Over estimating our power. I shot the birds on a wire outside of work one day.

Page 18 - Had to do one of the kids. Would have like to spend more time with this one. I have always thought about the gift a child brings us when they make us parents.

Page 19 - Welcoming the New Year.

Page 20 - Celebrate your unique abilities.

Page 21 - I was touched by President Obama's speech on January 12th.



MELANIE said...

Congrats! Great job, Mark! I love the metaphors spread.

May :: Earth to Girl said...

So awesome. I'm finishing up the last page of mine today. Congrats on finishing!