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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Introducing C2R

I am refining a model I have been using in my own work and in observation of others in their work in organizations. The next few posts and maybe more will focus on the foundations of my thinking and a model I call C2R or Concept to Reality.


Organizations face three issues that when working together bring life to an organization

  • People – the brains and the bodies residing in the organization
  • Process – the baseline actions and decisions necessary to make the organization function
  • Technology – the physical assets utilized by people in processes that support the organization

In total, the three represent the direction of an organization. When working effectively the direction is forward. When working poorly, it is either stalled or working against the goals of an organization. As nothing stays the same, stalled without effort to resolve the current state leads to eventual demise.

I welcome your comments.

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