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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Now What?

Now that we have selected a new president, which has brought an unparalleled response from voters and the global community alike, what do we do? Some people couldn’t be more energized with a vision of hope and prosperity, others see their hopes dashed. And neither can relish the privilege of their feelings. The energy, passion and spirit of Americans that this produced on both sides of the political color wheel have created a power base. For those with hope and those who felt they have lost it is an opportunity that will not be affected by one person in the form of president. For those who see this as a positive situation and for those who don’t, it is a call to be more. The situation is the situation that can only be brought to a positive outcome by our attitude. The energy that brought all of us into the community of voters to cast our ballots needs to be the same energy that brings us into the community of issues. Each one of our votes has counted and each one of our efforts will do the same and in community we can heal the boundaries that keep us from acting in concert. For our differences are not what makes our country great, it is what he have done with them as Americans that has made the difference.

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