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Saturday, November 1, 2008


We are in an unparalleled time in history. We live in a world of plenty. We have access to all the information in recorded history and it is at our fingertips. Its access is immediate. We can find and communicate with anyone, anywhere in the push of a button. Yet despite all of our modern advances, we are facing a challenging time not caused by what the world does or does not give us, but by what we do or do not give ourselves and others. In the face of economic hard times, we suffer least from the lack of resources and most from our own lack of spirit.

Tuesday is this country’s time and our time to move into a new place, a better place. Two candidates are vying for the leadership of our country and we have received no small amount of information, both good and bad. Lines are drawn as to the candidate that is the better to lead the country based on platform, constituency, and years of experience. I have my candidate and you have your candidate. And whereas we may differ, we are all bound by one common purpose – the country in which we live and prosper so well that even in bad times we do better than the majority of people inhabiting this planet. We may differ in candidate, but we all want one thing – health and prosperity and since we all want it, the health and prosperity must be for all. While my candidate may differ from yours, my prayer and the prayer I hope for all of us is that on the day after the election, our next elected leader will open all our hearts to being one country, not delineated by the colors of red and blue, but of one spirit. But that can’t happen.

It can’t happen, unless we start by uniting in one spirit at the polls. Making time in our busy hectic day, driving through the traffic, standing in long lines, smiling and talking to friends and strangers and casting our ballots is the fuel that will fire the spirit of whoever is our next president. We can’t elect spirit, we can’t demand a better new and better place, we have to be the spirit – VOTE!


budda said...

Mark, your article is well put and timely. As a nation, we are certainly ready for a change. On a personal level I feel that there is a critical mass change on the horizon. However, as you so adeptly wrote, it is important for each of us to do our part and get this change moving, to become the change we want to see in the world (to coin Gandhi) with each conversation, and contact with others (yes, even strangers)...thank you for being such change and for the reminder to us all.
---Tony B.

Mark Pinto said...

Thank you for your kind words. I was voting this morning and was impressed by how many people were there at 6:30 AM in the morning and how despite confusions and people finding their way to the right lines, it was a testament to the American spirit. People helped each other, mistakes were tolerated and people adjusted. Everyone knew the gravity of their involvement and made it work together. WOW!